10 Possible Michelle McGee Celebrity Affair Leaks

Now that we know Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has rubbed tattoos with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James and Pink’s hubby Carey Hart, we thought we’d compile a list of other male celebrities with tattoos that we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Michelle had sex with in her quest to sleep her way to the top.

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Michelle McGee sexy picture

Travis Barker: Shanna Moakler’s ex-husband is one skinny, walking, talking, drum-pounding tattoo. The father of two young children is the perfect candidate for alleged homewrecker Michelle “Bombshell” McGee to seduce with talks of rock bands, Jack Daniel’s, and how she likes to get inked up before she charms her way into getting filled up with Barker’s tube.

Michelle McGee topless againSteve-O drinking

Steve-O: If Michelle McGee had sex with Steve-O, it would have taken place when she wasn’t ovulating cause these two are idiots. One can only assume that the woman who had unprotected sex with Jesse James may have become impregnated with Steve-O’s spawn, which would mean an end to civilization as we know it.

Michelle McGee Chelsea Handler feud

Kid Rock: This is the perfect man for Michelle because he wouldn’t tolerate her sh*t. Kid Rock has a child with a black woman and the hot tempered rocker wouldn’t condone Michelle’s white supremacist crap. In a relationship, Kid would often tell Michelle to go suck something if she wanted to spell out “White Power” on their fridge. They would fight a lot, but they’d always have great make up sex.

Michelle McGee takes her bra off

Tommy Lee: Tommy is talented and funny and chill… everything many women would want in a man. But unfortunately for Ms. McGee, sex with Tommy would likely be a one time offer. After decades of being a rockstar, you know he’s had prettier (and overall much better) and their affair wouldn’t extend past a single nut-busting session.

Michelle McGee bikini picture

Trace Cyrus: Miley Cyrus’ older brother has the ink to make Michelle McGee cream. He’s also the sibling of a very wealthy Disney star; and since Michelle loves men with money, I wouldn’t be surprised if she threw herself at Trace just for the free drinks.

Michelle McGee topless stripperBenji Madden image

Benji Madden: The man is famous and he does have tattoos, lots of ‘em, the sight of which are probably like foreplay to Bombskank McGee. She’s horny for any man with ink, especially if he has connections to the entertainment industry. Since Benji used to date Paris Hilton, he not only meets her criteria, he’s overqualified.

Michelle Bombshell McGee Image

Bret Michaels: Bret Michaels gets “turned on” by any woman with a pulse, and lucky for her, Michelle’s got one of those. If Bret had sex with Michelle McGee, who could blame him? The stripper and “tattoo model” is just as trashy as many of the Rock of Love sluts he probably banged throughout the three seasons of Rock of Love.

Michelle McGee on her kneesTom DeLonge picture

Tom DeLonge: Like his fellow Blink-182 band members, Tom DeLonge is from San Diego, the same county that Michelle moved to a few years ago. The two are both familiar with the town that the natives call “Daygo,” but their similarities end there. Still, Tom is married and homewreckers have a penchant for men that are committed to someone else.

Michelle Bombshell pictureRobbie Williams photo

Robbie Williams: He has an attitude, he’s good looking, he’s famous, and he has some tatts. Michelle McGee is a maneating star f*cker, so Robbie meets all of Bombslut’s requirements.

Michelle McGee homewrecker

Marilyn Manson: Michelle McGee’s identical twin! Michelle is a selfish whore, so why wouldn’t she wanna get off while making love to herself in the form of her twin brother?

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