Kendra Wilkinson Is Making Money On The ‘Kendra Exposed’ Sex Tape

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t going to be shedding any more tears over the ‘Kendra Exposed’ video, which will be released the beginning of next month. Radar Online reports Kendra will receive 50% of sales generated by her sex tape.

They also revealed that the man in the tapes with Kendra is her ex-boyfriend Justin Frye. We finally got a last name! Justin, who is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, reportedly was paid $100,000 for the tape.

Frye initiated the deal by shopping the sex tape, our source revealed. He sold it for $100,000 and as that deal was concluded, Kendra was later brought on board.

Faced with Vivid releasing the film it has titled Kendra Exposed, the former Girls Next Door star realized she could potentially make a fortune from its distribution and a financial agreement was reached, according to the source.

Kendra and Justin shot several sex tapes while they were living together in San Diego. Could Vivid possibly turn this into a trilogy?

“Justin had a tripod in his bedroom for the camera and a stripper pole in the apartment. Kendra definitely was not shy about being in these tapes. There are tapes of Kendra in really compromising positions … doing a lot of embarrassing things.”

When Hef took Kendra as one of his chicks at the Playboy mansion, Kendra left Justin and the sex tapes behind. He was smart and waited until Kendra became famous before attempting to sell the tapes.

Girls if you’re going to be in a sex tape, make sure you’re the one who has the only copy! There’s no reason to let a man make money on your ability to f*ck like a porn star.

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