The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Does Ali Pick?

We know how this season of The Bachelorette will end and we’re revealing what happens in the finale after the jump. But first, Ali Fedotowsky had an interview with Ryan Seacrest the other week where she sounded like a single woman.

Ali Fedotowsky, The Bachelorette is still single

During the interview, Ali said, “If I happen to find love on the show, would I pick someone in the end? Yes. But if I didn’t find love on the show, there’s absolutely no way that I would pick someone for the sake of picking.” 

The final two Bachelorette contestants are Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez, but when it’s time for the final rose ceremony Ali…



Chris Lambton is given the boot in the final rose ceremony, then Roberto is as well. This is all coming from a website that has been leaking The Bachelor and The Bachelorette spoilers for seasons now and has yet to be proven wrong about a single of its stories!

I’m not surprised, nor do I care. I could recap this show for you guys, but I honestly don’t hate myself enough to watch it. When will this crap be canceled? Hopefully this season will bring the show’s fans one step closer to launching a successful boycott.


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