NeNe Leakes Divorce Confirmed, Ugly Nose Job Pics Confirmed Also

NeNe Leakes was the funniest, most likable and down to earth cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season one, but the success of the show went to her head real quick.

By season 2, she was an unjustifiable b*tch to Kandi Burruss and she was always b*tching and throwing shade. NeNe will be getting divorced, and according to recent reports, she’s been spending a lot of time in LA, ignoring her husband in Atlanta.

NeNe Leakes goes Hollywood

Here are some pics of NeNe on Monday afternoon in LA. She agreed to dish out chocolate for a couple hours at Comparte’s Chocolatier. Her nose still looks gawd awful and there was no reason to mess with it in the first place. You never know how a certain feature that you weren’t born with is going to look on your gawd damn face. If you don’t have a big a*s nose like Ashlee Simpson did, who looks much better after surgery, why risk it?


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