Twilight Stars Will Get $25 Million Salary for ‘Breaking Dawn’

There’s no need for the Twilight Trio stars to break the bank cause Breaking Dawn will earn Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner $25 million a piece.

Jacob, Edward and Bella in Eclipse

Eclipse has made $161 million since its June 30 release, and Robert, his girlfriend and the hot guy with the washboard abs will reportedly get a big pay raise.

NY Mag reports that each of the stars will be making AT LEAST $25 million to appear in Breaking Dawn Parts I and II. They’ve also been offered 7.5% of the film’s theatrical gross, which could result in a final payout of a whooping $41 million per star!!!!!!!

Since Kristen hates being famous so much, she should seriously consider retirement. With that kind of money, she’s set for life. Wow!

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