Ke$ha Nude Photos Leaked By Former Friend ‘DJ Stolen’

Ke$ha is known for having a raging party girl image, but is that all an image, or does she love to get down at parties and in between the sheets? An alleged photo of Ke$ha with some drops of jizz across her chest were leaked the other day and there’s plenty more where that came from!


The topless picture came out because Ke$ha’s former friend ran into her in LA earlier this summer and she shunned him. Upset, “DJ Stolen” leaked Ke$ha’s cum shot.

Ke$ha‘s new enemy, aka DJ Stolen, allegedly has more cum pictures of Ke$ha that he wants to leak. Ke$ha, now realizing that she was being a dumb b*tch to upset him sent him the following message, offering to record some music for him: “hey i would love to do a shout out for you…how bout this… you keep my private pictures private, and ill give you a shout out/ drop… whatever you need for your dj set. why dont you hit up my manager at ****. cool?”

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