The Hills Is Finally Over And I’m Glad

Thank the good lord that The Hills has finally ended! I was an avid watcher when the series first began, but as time went on it became more and more fake. For instance, Heidi Montag had a normal nose and body and look what happened to her by the end of the series? She’s an immobile silicone filled plastic version of herself. That’s the highest level of fakery there is!

The Hills Cast Image

She’s not the only one who came out looking like they had a little remodeling done throughout the show. Stephanie Pratt‘s lips are extra fishy, Audrina Patridge’s boobs have grown, Holly Montag’s lips are more plump than before and Lauren Conrad looked like she couldn’t move her forehead and eyebrows last night during the after show. Botox!

Audrina isn’t sure where she wants to go in her life but she did get a sweet house on the beach. Party time! Stephanie Pratt is content with her new man who looks like he hasn’t seen daylight in the last five years but if that’s what she likes, more power to her.

Lo Bosworth is ready to settle down with her beau, which she moved in with by the end of the finale, and start making babies! Kristin Cavallari was supposedly moving to Europe but it became clear it was total bullsh*t when the end of the finale came and they made it all look scripted and over produced. Her final scene with Brody and their whole relationship was made for TV. It’s one made for TV couple I’m not going to miss on Tuesday nights!

It was a great show in the beginning, and really down to the end when you see how much Hollywood changed them over the last four years. Farewell to The Hills. I’m not gonna miss ya. 

The Hills Cast PictureAudrina Patridge, Kristin Cavallari And Lauren Conrad

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