Paula Cook Asked to Appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Fantasia‘s in a nightmare right now and she better hold on tight cause jizz will continue to hit the fan. Oprah has asked Fantasia’s boyfriend’s wife, Paula Cook, to appear on her show. This is a bit of a dildo slap to the face considering that Fantasia starred in Oprah’s Broadway musical “The Color Purple.”

Paula, who has taken a leave of absence from her teaching job, is weighing her options.

Fantasia Antwaun Cook tattoo

“Paula has been approached by Oprah’s people to go on her chat show. She still hasn’t decided what she will do though, and she was also approached by Mo’Nique too. There was also the chance for her to appear on a new reality show about spurned women, and she’s considering another option to write a book about the whole Fantasia saga.”

Paula also contends that Fanny knew that Antwaun Cook was married when she began dating her husband and got his name inked across her chest and filmed sex tapes with him.

Paula, go with Oprah and get it gurl! I don’t think we see many women who are cheated on benefiting very much from infidelity. It is the hookers who home wreck who seem to get more publicity/ fame and opportunities, so if Paula can milk her story, she should go for it!

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