Montana Fishburne Nude Photos Surface

No one can say that Montana Fishburne doesn’t have drive. When she puts her mind to something – like whooping her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend’s ass or becoming a porn star – she’s really serious about it.

Montana Fishburne nude photo

Montana is interested in selling her body for money. She has a history of being a prostitute, she’s a porn star with one of the largest porn companies in the industry, and she took it all off for a Playboy Magazine “test” photo shoot. She must really not be good at anything other than being a slut cause she puts all of her efforts into whoring herself out.

We’re told the photos — in which Montana goes full-frontal — were taken BEFORE anyone knew about Fishburne’s sex tape. As you may know, Kardashian was also featured in Playboy in 2007 — after her sex tape went public.

I must admit, Montana does look good in her Playboy pics. She’s just so shameful and shameless. I can’t say that I’m a fan.

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