Alicia Keys is Ready to Pop!

Alicia Keys was all smiles at the 7th annual AIDS charity Keep a Child Alive Black Ball at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City last night. Alicia’s husband Swizz Beatz was on hand to place his hand on her belly, making the most out of their photo op.

Alicia loves Swizz

Beyonce, Usher, Jay-Z, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Uma Thurman, Sade and Janelle Monae, were in attendance.

Alicia is a hot pregnant chick. She’s carrying most of the weight in her stomach, her face remains thin, and her arms look like they did before she got sperminated. This will be Swizz Beatz’s fourth child. He has two sons with his ex-wife Mashonda and one daughter with a former jump off. Swizz allegedly cheated with his ex-wife Mashonda and his other baby mama. When it comes to Alicia, everyone’s all like “Ooooooh gurl! I hope he doesn’t leave you for another woman!” But I don’t give a sh!t if Swizz leaves and I don’t think Alicia does either; she’s clearly very happy and I doubt she’s thinking about that possibility.

I don’t think Swizz will leave because she is friggin’ Alicia Keys afterall, but when it comes to being faithful to one woman, Swizz seems to be allergic.

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