Maci Bookout: Moving To Hollywood With Kyle King

It’s obvious Maci Bookout is the most loved participant on Teen Mom because she’s level-headed, going to school, and working to provide for Bentley. She has found love in Kyle King, who’s not a complete jack@ss like her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Ryan Edwards.

Ok! magazine claims Maci has been looking for a “small three-bedroom house” for herself, Bentley, and Kyle because she’s in the works to have her own spin-off show. “Maci is 100 percent confirmed to do her own spin-off. Right now it’s in the early stages.”

Maci has already p!ssed Ryan off in the past by moving to Nashville and not telling him she was taking off with Bentley, but he doesn’t think she’ll make the move to L.A.

“I’ll have to wait and see if she’s serious. She says a lot of things that aren’t true. But I wouldn’t put it past her to move and take my son with her. She’s always making selfish choices.”

Good lord, the fame is getting to her head and she’s making her way out to Hollywood to become a big star. Didn’t I say Maci’s level-headed? I think it’s a dumb@ss move. She’s actually normal and moving out to Tinseltown will f*ck her up and more than likely ruin her great relationship with Kyle.

Maci Bookout And Son BentleyKyle And Maci

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