Rihanna: Pictures From Italy’s X-Factor

Rihanna is like Lady Gaga, only attractive. Both women don’t do that whole pants thing. Rihanna performed on Italy’s X-Factor in Milan and she sounded SO damn bad, I only made it through like the first two lines of her song.

But because Riri can’t sing live to save her life, she distracts us with her assets. Her talent is “hotness” and, in a world of Kim Kardashians, you can’t really blame Riri for being a stripper who calls herself a singer.

There are stars like Britney Spears, who looks like sh!t in her day to day life. Then there are stars like Ke$ha, who looks frightening even after a few dozen people have worked on her face. There are only a few spots for unattractive popstars, and Gaga looks so harsh that her face alone takes up, like, five slots. It’s ‘Show Me Some Skin or GTFO’ for Riri whenever she performs, but at least she owns it.

Rihanna's Backside

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