Justin Bieber: “I’m Crazy…I’m Not Normal”

Yep. Justin Bieber thinks he’s crazy, and judging from some of the things he says in this interview, I’m inclined to agree.

Justin Bieber on Vanity Fair

Biebs covers the new issue of Vanity Fair, and for a squeaky 16 year-old with a middle-aged lesbian’s haircut, Justin sure thinks highly of himself:

“I’m crazy, I’m nuts, I’m not normal…but I think the best musicians are,” Justin says in the interview. He goes on to compare himself to “the best musicians” like “the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Tupac,” and claim that he is mostly influenced by “black artists.” That makes sense. When I think of people who may have inspired Justin Bieber, Tupac immediately comes to mind.

Biebs goes on to talk about how “good-looking” he is, pretty much claiming that he would get laid on the regular even if he wasn’t famous (maybe on a ladies golf tour, or at a taping of Ellen). The real kicker, though, comes from Justin’s mom, Patti Lynn Mallette, who according to the article “believes, after a personal encounter with God, that she and Justin have been put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world.”

Jeez, I’m already sick of the dude’s music and now we find out that he’s Jesus? I guess I better get used to him; he’ll obviously be sticking around until the crucifixion.

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