The Kardashian Sisters Sued for $75 Million

If the Kardashian sisters lost all of their money tomorrow, I wonder if anyone would feel sorry for them? The K sisters have been slapped with a $75 million lawsuit, filed by The Revenue Resource Group, LLC. The Kardashain sisters had their own prepaid debit card, but were unaware that hidden, possibly illegal fees were also associated with the card.

When fans alerted the Kardashians of the fees, the Attorney General of Connecticut opened an investigation which freaked the money hungry women out. The Kardashians then ended their deal with Mastercard and their lawyers said:

Kim and Kris at father's grave

“The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults.” The lawyers claim the investigation “threatens everything for which [The Kardashians] have worked.”

Not so fast! The sisters signed a two-year contract, and the company has been “crushed by a wave of bad publicity” after the family bashed the card, so they want $75 million for it.

You know this is stressing these mayonnaise loving sluts out! More than likely the Kardashians and The Revenue Resource Group will settle out of court. The women will lose A LOT of zeros, which means that they’ll begin putting their name on every product – from dental floss to kitchen products to hammers to tampons in order to replenish their losses. Watch out now!

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