Nicki Minaj: Kicked Out in London

Turns out that Nicki Minaj wasn’t exaggerating when she tweeted that her crazy fans may get her kicked out of her hotel in London. Black Lady Gaga‘s fans go hard. The Dorchester hotel kicked Nicki out because her fans graffitied an elevator and disturbed the peace. 

Nicki in the car

Nicki’s Runway London club appearance was also canceled after a fight broke out at the club. Nicki tweeted:

  • long day of press only to find out we’ve officially been kicked out the hotel! Lmaoooooooo. Rescue me barbz!!!! Pleeeeeeeasse *martha voice*
  • S/O all the kids outside the hotel just now. It got a bit CRAZY but I rlly appreciate ur support. Hopefully the next hotel will be nicer :)
  • And they said yesterday while I was out doing press, a fight broke out and an ambulance was called for 1 of my barbz.

Is it just me or is Nicki loving this? She didn’t encourage her fans to calm down, she’s just like, “An ambulance was called in b!tches! Lol.”

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