It’s Justin Bieber’s Birthday!

Documentary film star and world-famous hair model Justin Bieber turned 17 today. Just in case you were wondering why there were a bunch of 12 year-old girls holding cakes and Build-a-Bears in line at the post office today.

Justin Bieber at the Vanity Fair Party

The Biebus is one year closer to being legal and judging from this pic, he decided to start celebrating early by motorboating Selena Gomez at a post-Oscars event. Atta boy, Biebs! Sixteen year-olds hold hands; 17 year-olds see what they can get away with without getting slapped. He’s still young, but the force is strong in this one.

No word yet on how Justin plans to celebrate, but he’s still a year away from the hookers and champagne birthday, so hopefully he’s been ignoring Charlie Sheen‘s text messages.

Justin Bieber MotorboatSelena Gomez and Justin Bieber Oscars After-PartyJustin Bieber white tuxedo

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