Julianne Moore To Play Sarah Palin In ‘Game Change’

Julianne Moore has been tapped to play Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO original film ‘Game Change,’ based on the best-selling book of the same name. The movie will focus on the 2008 presidential campaign when John McCain picked Sarah as his running mate, up through their loss at the election.

Julianne Moore Sarah Palin Picture

Look at these two. Do you see any resemblance at all? Julianne Moore is a great actress, but why would they pick someone who looks absolutely nothing like the character she’ll be portraying? I mean, wasn’t there anyone with similar facial features as Sarah’s that they could have tapped? Hell, even Lea Michele could pull off the Sarah look better than Julianne!

Julianne Moore PictureSarah Palin Loves America

Julianne Moore PhotoSarah Palin stupid

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