Nene Leakes And Star Jones Kiss And Make Up

We’ve heard the tales of Nene Leakes and Star Jones arguing and getting into a physical altercation during filming for Celebrity Apprentice, but sources say the ladies have called a truce. Nene and Star apparently realized their cat fight was getting out of hand.

Star Jones and Nene Leakes

“Both NeNe and Star are trying to get along better off set – it was really only when the show started taping that their competitiveness kicked-in. NeNe felt slighted by Star who she thought was not showing her enough respect – while Star believed that NeNe was all show and no substance. They are both head strong women and NeNe believed Star was trying to boss the other contestants around and on top of that they were feuding over hair, wardrobe and make-up too.

“But they are trying to be more accepting of their differences now although producers want to ramp-up their rivalry when the cameras are rolling because they believe it could translate to high ratings.”

I will not accept a truce between Nene and Star. The battle better not be over until I see weave chunks on the board room table, and an acrylic nail stuck in Donald Trump’s fur ball on his head. Blood and guts baby… My kind of entertainment.

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