Bethenny Frankel is “Not Afraid,” Vows to Fight Lawsuit

Bethenny Frankel is currently being sued by a management company that claims she owes them somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 mil. They probably expected an easy out of court settlement, but Bethenny is a tough b!tch and she’s ready to not only fight the suit but also file a counterclaim.

Bethenny Frankel Looks Scared

“Let’s be clear, I am a strong woman,” Bethenny said in an interview. “I am not afraid and won’t back down when I’m bullied by something with zero merit. Success is earned by hard work, not taking advantage of others.” The management firm claims Bethenny bilked them out of profits from her Skinnygirl cocktail products line, and they’ll probably lose in court because, let’s face it, people buy overpriced booze because Bethenny’s name is on it, not because she hired the right PR firm. 

Anyway, the thought of losing $100 mil probably has Bethenny throwing back a lot of cocktails these days. 

(Photo via WENN)

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