Jersey Shore Cast Clashes With Italians

The cast of Jersey Shore can’t even live with each other so it’s no wonder that they can’t get along with the citizens of Florence, where they’re currently filming season 4 of the hit MTV reality series. 

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Pauly D, and Mike Sorrentino in Italy

“Why don’t they just get out of town and go home?” one man shouted at the cast from an open car window. “They’re all idiots,” added another passer-by who had apparently done his research. All of this happened Friday, just days after guidos arrived in Florence. So what did they do to piss off the locals so badly? Well, at the time, nothing. Apparently The Situation was actually reading a book (!) on an outside bench when the harassment started, but according to local officials, our favorite orange morons have already made their presence known in a bad way. 

JWoww eats pastaPauly D and JWoww do laundry

Snooki and company have already racked up hundreds of dollars in fines, mostly from violating traffic laws and they tend to cause a disturbance wherever they go, drawing high-fives from Americans traveling abroad, and boos from frustrated locals. Breaking traffic laws and high-fiving in public? Have these people seen the show?! If no historic landmarks were publicly peed on, then the Italians should be glad they got the Jersey Shore cast on its best behavior. 

Deena Nicole and Sammi Giancola hold handsDeena Nicole Cortese is buffJWoww and Pauly DSnooki and JWoww are touristsJersey Shore cast Italian lunch photoJWoww in Italy pictureThe Situation lunch in ItalyJersey Shore Italy lunchDeena Nicole Cortese Italy photo

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