Mildred Patricia Baena’s Son With Arnold Schwarzenegger Is ‘Sweet, Funny, and Handsome’

More information has come out regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patrica Baena‘s love child and he sounds like a pretty good kid! Neighbors of Mildred (Patricia, Patty, Homewrecker, whatever) tell TMZ her son is an athletic, studious, fun-loving, charitable boy.

Patty Baena picture

People who live next door to Patty and her son tell us, the boy “is the type of kid you just want to be around. He is so sweet, funny, and handsome.” But that’s not it — we’re also told he is extremely well-mannered and smart, loves sports, and is even involved in door-to-door fund-raising for local charities.

Even though his mom was wrecking marriages and having no respect for another woman and her kids, at least her son is being raised to be respectable. At least we hope so!

Patty Baena MySpace photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger love childMildred Baena PhotoMildred Baena Picture Mildred Baena Image

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