Blake Lively Nude Photos Were Meant for Ben Affleck?

This one may qualify as “wild speculation,” but it’s a rumor that’s making the rounds, and it kinda makes it sense, and, hell, it’s fun, so we’re bringing it to you.

Blake Lively Hot With Red Hair

The second round of Blake Lively nude photos has made it clear that the actress took the shots while on the set of the 2010 film The Town. People who claim to have inside info about these types of things are claiming that Blake took the pics for her co-star and director on that film, Ben Affleck. This accusation has scandal potential written all over it, because Ben is happily married to ice queen Jennifer Garner

Again, there’s little in the way of actual evidence to support the Ben/Blake affair, but there’s also a proud history of married directors banging their actresses. Of course, all of this assumes that the controversial photos are actually of Blake. Which they totally are. 

(Photos via WENN)

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