Bentley Williams is a Jerk, Joined ‘The Bacehlorette’ To Promote His Business

Bentley Williams’ ex-wife is friends with Michelle Money of last season’s “The Bachelor.” Michelle warned Ashley Hebert that Bentley is no good, but she just wouldn’t listen.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison also says that he told Ashley to stay away from Bentley, saying: “Everyone says the producers are jerks and how could [we] do that to her, but she always has the decision, she can always get rid of this guy. You didn’t even see how much I begged her and bagged on this guy on Night 1. When she’s telling me the story, I’m like, ‘His name’s Bentley. Right there, run!'”

Bentley is a divorced single father who co-owns the Airborne Trampoline Arena in Draper, Utah. He used to work for Goldman Sachs and General Motors and graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 before getting an MBA at NYU.

Michelle Money says that she would want to know about Bentley if she were in her position, which is why Michelle warned Ashley. Ashley is one over by Bentley because he’s cute. He didn’t like faking any interest in Ms. Hebert and Bentley will voluntarily leave The Bachelorette on tonight’s episode. He really is just not that into her.

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