Glee Officially Jumps the Shark: Ryan Murphy Fires Entire Cast for Season 4

Like many hit shows, “Glee” has lost its spark after about the first season of Fox’s hit show. New writers came in, new faces joined the cast, storylines became non-sensical and were all over the place… One person may be to blame for that. Glee creator Ryan Murphy has clearly lost his mind! Murphy spoke to Ryan Seacrest about his awful plans for the over the top show.

Glee cast live concert

Murphy said that after the upcoming season 3, the entire cast will be replaced, with the exception of Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch!

“I don’t think of it in terms of eliminating or replacing. Because I think the thing  about this cast is people love them and they are incredibly talented. They’ve left sort of an indelible mark. I wanted to do and the cast wanted to do, we didn’t want to have a show where they were in high school for eight years. We really wanted it to be true to that experience. We thought it would be really cool if we were true to the timeline.”

This is a retarded idea. Has J.K. Rowling brought in new faces to star in Harry Potter? Have Twilight stars been axed in favor of fresh faces? Has any show fired its entire cast after only 3 seasons?! Ryan is lacking direction. Glee has been on for TWO SEASONS, which has sh!t to do with its cast being in high school “for eight years.”

Season 3 premieres in September on Fox.

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