Britney Spears: Y’all Still Think I’m Sexy? I’mma Give a Lapdance

If a chick walks around with her hair looking like this, you shouldn’t get within a 3-yard radius of her snatch. Unluckily for some random San Jose, California fan, Britney Spears wrapped her legs around him and gave a lethargic “lap dance.”

The reason why this wasn’t sexy is because he didn’t smell like bacon, which didn’t motivate Brit Brit to give more face to face action.

If I had to name some of the least sexy pop stars of all time, Spears would be within my top five, right below Courtney Love and Tracy Chapman. When you have to borrow a stranger’s phone to tell daddy you’re coming home late when you wanna spend the night, you’re practically begging a guy to suddenly say he has whiskey dick.

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