The Bachelorette: JP Is Fake, Using Ashley For Fame

J.P. is the front runner and allegedly the one Ashley Hebert gives the final rose to on the ceremony and I’ve been rooting hard for him this entire time. He’s sweet, sincere and acts like he’s totally into Ashley, but sources say that’s far from the truth.

J.P. From Bachelorette

“The word is that the guy was just using her to be famous. He turned out to be a complete fake! Apparently, he accepted the rose and gave her the engagement ring, but then as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, he did a total 180. He made her feel like she was ‘the one’ and then totally betrayed her.”

Ashley is said to be pretty much beside herself because of the situation because he had her fooled but she wasn’t the only one buying his snake oil… The other guys thought J.P. was Mr. Perfect too.

“The guys in the house thought he was sincere, and so did everyone involved with the show… This guy pretended to be so sincere for the whole time; he was actually the biggest user of the bunch.”

If this is true, I’m going to hunt J.P. down and give him a royal b!tch slap. I adore him and was considering taking him hostage and keeping him as my own, but not after this nonsense.

Photo: ABC

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