Lady Gaga Starved Herself On Tour, Is Obsessed with Her Weight

Writer Ian Halperin is writing a tell-all book on Ms. Lady Gaga and he alleges she starves herself to fit in costumes, and obsesses over her weight. It sounds like little Miss Extreme has some extreme issues of her own.

Lady Gaga Big Hair Picture

“Those who have worked with her on tour reported to me that Gaga barely ate for weeks at a time to fit into her costume. She is sick and obsessed with her weight.” Gaga’s obsession sounds pretty time consuming as well. One friend claims that LG stares at herself in the mirror “for hours on end, analyzing and critiquing her body. It’s an unhealthy obsession.”

He also claims her hair is falling out because of Lupus and she wears so much makeup to cover her red blotchy spots that are also symptoms of the disease.

“Her lupus is far worse than she lets on. Part of the reason she wears wigs and makeup is because her hair is falling out and she’s covered in red blotches, both side effects of the disease.”

Halperin goes on to say she has morphed herself into this fake Lady Gaga persona and the Stefi her friends and family know “has all but disappeared.”

Doesn’t she preach about being yourself and loving who you are?

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Photo: WENN

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