Adam Lambert Voted Nicest Guy on Twitter

Adam Lambert loves to use Twitter and be fabulous and it’s all paid off because now he’s officially a totally awesome tweeter. The UK website Flecking Records, which also named Adam the Sexiest Male Celebrity, proclaimed the American Idol runner-up the nicest guy on Twitter primarily because of his “complimentary and encouraging tweets directed at fellow musicians.”

Adam Lambert Twitter profile picture

When some people disagreed with their initial proclamation, the website decided to hold poll. It didn’t really matter, though, because Adam was still voted the nicest dude on the site. (Maybe the Flecking Records is just a thinly-veiled Adam Lambert fan club, however, because the singer was named the best role model for young people on the site only last week.)

So I’m not sure I’m convinced he’s the nicest male Twitter-user ever in the entire world, but he is a pretty cool dude and I can get behind this.

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