William Levy Sued For Allegedly Raping a Minor and Giving Her an STD

Jennifer Lopez‘s rumored new boyfriend and “I’m With You” video co-star, William Levy, was accused of rape exactly one year ago. Radar reports that court documents state that on July 19th of last year, Levy and several members of his entourage lured a young woman to his Hilton hotel room in Glendale.

William Levy picture

The Plaintiff had a Justin Bieber like crush on Levy and was “infatuated” with him. Levy has appeared in the popular Spanish language telenovelas. The Plaintiff was seeking an autograph, but allegedly went home with a different kind of souvenir.

“Levy invited Plaintiff to a private room for discussion. Defendant then maneuvered himself so that Plaintiff could not walk in any direction without passing Defendant.”

The documents don’t give detail by detail, but I’m guessing that William may have gotten the minor to his hotel room at this point.

Levy “forced Plaintiff to perform [sex act] on him, strangling her in the process. He ejaculated in her mouth, on her person, through which he transmitted a sexual disease to plaintiff.

The Plantiff was taken to urgent care at Concentra Medical Center by a friend.

Hmmm…. sounds like this dude isn’t a cocky jerk at all and he’ll be a faithful partner devoted to sticking around to watch JLo’s 3 year-old twins grow up. Just a hunch.

Photo: Wenn

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