Lee D’Avanzo Picture Released. Finally!

Drita D’Avanzo of “Mob Wives” is married to mob idiot and abusive husband Lee D’Avanzo. Unlike most of the other Mob Wives castmembers, viewers did not know what Lee looked like. Until now.


Drita, who claims to be filing for divorce from Lee, has posted a photo of her cheating husband online. “I posted a pic of Lee because I have been asked a million times 2 and its starting to get annoying…here is it is.”

I know exactly what Drita’s talking about. MANY Mob Wives fans wanted to know what Lee looks like.

I thought that Drita’s oldest daughter looked like Lee, because she looks nothing like Drita, but Aleeya has her own look. Initially, Drita promised not to go public with Lee’s photo because he didn’t want her to.

I hate how Lee has his hand across Drita’s stomach like that. That would be okay if she were in her third trimester of pregnancy, but I tend to think a dude is gay if he looks like he doesn’t know how to hold his chick in a picture. I’m not getting a gay vibe from Lee, but I’m not getting a gentleman vibe from him either. He’s such a douche! You can do much better Drita!

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