Rumer Willis Got a Boob Job?

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ unique looking daughter Willis may have had her breasts done. Rumer’s mother has had just about everything done… ya never know.

Rumer Willis See Through Shirt

Rumer was all over the blogs recently because she was dressed like a hooker. Her boobs were also exposed in her button down shirt, naturally everyone had to talk about her t!ts, natch, and the National Enquirer claims that she got breast implants.

“It appears to me that Rumer has undergone a breast augmentation, taking her from an A to a C cup,” says renowned Detroit-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Rumer.

Anthony thinks that Rumer’s procedure is a job well done. “Her breasts fit her frame nicely, look soft and natural and don’t appear overdone.”


I don’t think Rumer got breast implants. Her boobs aren’t perky enough for that plastic crap. It’s called maturing, gaining or losing weight, and or that thing called ‘your time of the month.’ The girls always supersize themselves around a certain time of the month. All of those factors, not to mention a padded bra, can make anyone look bigger.

Photo: Wenn

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