Rob Kardashian Joins Dancing With the Stars

Rob Kardashian is joining Dancing With the Stars. The only brother in the Kardashian/Jenner family is going to make a fool of himself on ABC’s hit show. We’re confident that Rob will last longer than Kimberly, who can’t dance to save her life, but Dancing With the Stars is awkward, and intense. We hope it’s worth it for Robert.

Rob Kardashian photo

Multiple sources confirm … Rob Kardashian is officially on board — despite concerns about the “Dancing” schedule conflicting with Kim’s super MEGA wedding in August… Rob signed on the dotted line.

Kim lasted 3 weeks on the show when she hit the ballroom in 2008. Kim is getting married next month, so practicing may be a little difficult for Rob, but Rob’s people and ABC folks have worked out an agreement.

How the hell are they going to describe who Rob is in the promos and introductions: “Sister of a sextape star and son of a famous attorney who helped a murderer get off, please welcome Rob Kardashian!” WTF.

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