Vanessa Hudgens Yells At Paparazzi For Catching Her Smoking

Vanessa Hudgens wants to keep a somewhat squeeky clean image besides her nude photos, but that’s hard to accomplish when the paparazzi is catching her doing bad things such as smoking. Vanessa was puffing away while riding shot gun in her pal’s car, and when she realized the paparazzo was focusing in on her toking on a cig, she threw a fit.

Vanessa Hudgens Short Dark Hair

Vanessa forced her way into the photographer’s car and allegedly tried to attack him. Vanessa is seen trying to grab his camera, and as he tried to drive away, Vanessa’s heard saying “He’s about to run over a man, I hope you’re filming this a**hole!”

Smoking is a bad habit, but it’s not like she was caught doing worse, like smoking crack!

You can check out Vanessa’s little freak out after the jump!


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