Ashley Hebert: “So Happy, So in Love” With Bachelorette Winner

Ashley Hebert is the most insecure Bachelorette in the show’s history, and her “journey to find love” has been more of a roller coaster than a limo ride.

Hebert, 26, was the first contestant to be roasted by her suitors, which is bullsh!t! Next, she had sex with contestant Bentley Williams, who repeatedly said that he was not attracted to her – behind the scenes in his one-on-one interviews.

Ashley Hebert, Bachelorette

She had men walk out of the show and others return, all the while she kept questioning if things will work out for her. After this season’s premiere, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and she told the host that she had made many mistakes.

And last, rumors surfaced that the man she picks, allegedly, JP Rosenbaum is just not that into her and only appeared on the show for publicity. That’s enough to make a girl lesbian! Luckily, Ashley says things have worked out.

Ashley tells People magazine: “I’m so happy, so in love. I found a great man. It’s going strong – we’ve been hanging out and talking all the time. I hoped I would leave with this type of relationship.”


Oh sh!t! Sounds good to us.

Ashley says that she’s “really ready” for the show to be over so that she and her new man can “get on with normal everyday life” without having to hide their relationship.

Hebert says that she thinks that the men she sent home are happy for her. She also spoke out on Bentley Williams declining offers to show up on the reunion special.

“Part of me was happy because I am over him and don’t want to waste anymore time or energy on Bentley. An apology would have been nice to hear although something tells me I wouldn’t have gotten one.”

We don’t wanna drop the B-bomb anymore than we already have. Bentley has received enough unwarranted attention. So glad to hear that Ashley is happy. This franchise is like 1 for 400. Someone needs to get their a*s down the aisle soon. Hopefully that someone will be Ashley!

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