Charlie Sheen is Paying for Brooke Mueller’s Rehab

Charlie Sheen wants the mother of his twin sons to get off of drugs so badly, he’s paying for the trainwreck to go to rehab for like the 14th time, literally.

 Brooke Mueller headband

Charlie didn’t like the idea of Brooke going to Mexico to take a dangerous drug used to curb drug cravings, so he flew to Mexico in a private jet and brought Brooke Mueller back to the States. That’s so sweet! Something about a man flying on a private jet is romantical cause it means he has good money.

Brooke was only south of the border for 12 hours before Charlie scooped her up. Charlie decided to bring back his own team of doctors — the ones he used a few months back when the “Two and a Half Men” people wanted him to get treatment.

Brooke is receiving treatment at an undisclosed location and Sheen is paying for everything.

Photo: Fame

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