Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Pitbull VMA Invite

Lindsay Lohan is royally pissed at Pitbull for mentioning her in a song. So pissed, in fact, that she’s filed suit against the rapper for name-dropping her in his single “Give Me Everything.” But unlike Lindsay, Pitbull is a reasonable individual who doesn’t have way too much time and not nearly enough money on his hands, so he’s trying to make nice in the interest of moving on.

Pit offered to take Lindsay as his guest for MTV’s Video Music Awards this Sunday, because he still gets invited to award shows, whereas Lindsay is usually the reason award shows hire extra security. Despite the fact that she can’t afford to turn down an invitation to Red Lobster these days, Linds reportedly denied Pitbull in a rude fashion and informed him that she had no interest in his apology.

Lindsay Lohan saggy breasts

Well, that’s what you get for trying to reason with the Lohan. You know you’ve really gone off the rails when someone named Pitbull looks reasonable and level-headed by comparison.

 Photos: WENN

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