Lady Gaga Attacks Fashion Critic

One might not think so from the ridiculous fashion statements she attempts on a daily basis, but Lady Gaga takes her clothes seriously. So seriously, in fact, that if you insult her style, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a several-thousand word “memorandum” in which Gaga explains exactly why you’re a d-bag.

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That’s the lesson that New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn learned the hard way when she made fun of Gaga for looking “enbalmed” at a recent award show. Never one to take criticism lightly, Gaga put on her freshest meat dress and typed up a scathing attack on Horyn and fashion critics in general which she then sent to V magazine for publication.

The open letter is way too long to bother reading it in its entirety (if you must, you can find it here), but the gist is basically that artists should be allowed to do whatever they want and all critics should STFU.

“The artist is the general and captain of his or her artistic ship, always ready and willing to take the first blow and drown if an iceberg is hit,” Gaga writes. “But in reviews, should critics not reveal all the scientific, mathematical, and pertinent information to explain why the Titanic could not withstand the blow?” Yes, she just compared the critic who made fun of her outfit to the iceberg that took down the Titanic.

Gaga’s smarter than your average pop star, and she’s not shy about showing it, particularly when she disagrees with a critic. However, there’s something to be said for picking your battles. It’s times like these when I wish Gaga would stop with the self-important artist BS, follow her own advice, and just dance.

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