Christina Hendricks: Boobs Steal Red Carpet Spotlight

Christina Hendricks attended the premiere of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s new film, I Don’t Know How She Does It, last night and while everyone may have showed up for a movie, the real show was barely contained by Christina’s Vivienne Westwood dress.

Christina Hendricks Boobs Photo

Big boobs are nothing new in Hollywood, but Christina takes things to a new level. Not only is it a miracle that she’s able to stand, much less walk a red carpet, her giant rack is actually a gift from God and not from some Malibu surgeon.

No word on how SJP felt about the Hendricks girls stealing her spotlight, but with that kind of display, we’d bet even Sarah’s closeted husband got caught staring.

Chrstina Hendricks Red Carpet PhotoChristina Hendricks Red Carpet ImageChristina Hendricks Boobs ImageChristina Hendricks on the Red CarpetChristina Hendricks: Gorgeous on the Red Carpet

(Photos: WENN)

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