Kate Gosselin Is Going Back To Nursing

It’s back to the old 9 to 5 grind for Kate Gosselin. She was afraid this day would come, and it has. There isn’t a TV show or producer who’s interested in hiring Kate so she’s going back to her old job of nursing.

Kate Gosselin No Makeup

A friend of Kate’s speaking with Life & Style claims Kate “just completed more courses to renew her license” as a labor and delivery nurse, but Kate is terrified she won’t make enough money to provide for her kids. 

“She has no clue how she’ll continue to pay for the kids’ private school and living expenses.”

Lets face it. The world was only interested in watching Kate when the kiddos were little tots and she was arguing with Jon Gosselin. It was interesting to watch someone who could at times be very controlling and obsessive compulsive, but those days have worn off.

Photo: WENN

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