Matt Nordgren: Is Taylor Armstrong’s New Boyfriend Violent?

Taylor Armstrong is reportedly back in the dating game and is currently seeing Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren, who has a little bit of a violent past of his own. According to court documents, Matt was arrested in 2003 after going into a rage and causing nearly $1,000 worth of damage to a classmates car when he was attending the University of Texas.

Taylor Armstrong Blonde HairMatt Nordgren Picture

Matt had pulled up behind another motorist in a parking lot on campus and flashed his high beams at the driver who was waiting on a friend. Matt reportedly jumped out of his SUV and began yelling and kicking the car owned by Jonathan Allen, who called 911 because he was “concerned for his safety”. Matt was charged with criminal mischief, but the charges were later dropped when Jonathan withdrew his complaint.

That’s not all Taylor should be worried about. Matt is apparently “incredibly two-faced”. A source, who claims she met Matt in the past and he hit on her while his girlfriend was in the bathroom, said: “Taylor should definitely be careful, because Matt is not who he says he is. In more ways than one.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s a little too soon to be jumping into another relationship considering her estranged husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide in August and he was pretty damn violent toward Taylor also. Not only that, but Taylor needs some serious counseling and therapy after the sh!t she’s been through.

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