Bradley Cooper and Melanie Laurent are Dating?

Bradley Cooper was recently named the Sexiest Man Alive, and it seems the actor is taking full advantage of the title. Fresh off a rumored fling with Jennifer Lopez, B-Coop is rumored to be dating French actress Melanie Laurent, most recognizable to American audiences for her recent role in Inglourious Basterds.

Bradley Cooper Tuxedo ImageMelanie Laurent Photo

Language barriers are not an issue for the international couple, as Melanie speaks several languages, and Bradley is famously fluent in French (that probably didn't hurt his chances with the Sexiest Man voters). They've been spotted together on several occasions, most recently taking in a short play and getting close with one another in Paris.

Officially, Brad and Melanie are "just friends" at this point, but when you're talking about a French chick and a notorious ladies man, it's a safe bet that something's happening in the boudoir. Of course, knowing Bradley, he'll keep it casual and then quickly move on.

(Photos: WENN)

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