Nicki Minaj Barbie Doll Up For Auction

Nicki Minaj has always been so obsessed with “Barbie” she has called herself Barbie for years. It looks like Mattel has finally given one of its biggest promoters her own doll. The Nicki Minaj “Barbie” doll will be auctioned off at on Dec. 7.

nick doll

Bids will start at $1,000 and will e recieved through Dec. 19. All proceeds will go to Project Angel Food, which provides food for men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Nicki’s Barbie is a carbon copy of the star, “every signature detail, right down to the tattoo on Nicki’s left arm,” Mattel says.

Minaj posted a photo on her Twitter with the following caption: Its BARBIE bbiiiiiiiirrrrrrch!!!!

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