Suri Cruise: Still Scared of the Paparazzi

No matter how frightened Suri Cruise appears to be of the paparazzi, her mother Katie Holmes doesn’t care. Katie actually looks thrilled to get pap’d while her 5 year-old daughter tightly clings onto her.

Suri Cruise scared little girlSuri Cruise hides from photographers

Can someone make a law to protect kids from the aggressive stalkerazzi?!

Suri’s idea of normalcy is far different than our own. It’s as though her parents are trying to make up for the first 4 months or so, after her birth when they kept her hidden, by taking her around the paps like she’s a prop.

Suri and Katie were spotted in NYC this week. They were going to the gym at Chelsea Piers together for some reason. Well, Suri does need to begin working on her fitness now. She does have a growing interest in becoming a hooker.

Photos: Fame/ Flynet

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