Claire Szucs-Pavlinec Joins Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Since last season, websites have reported that Jacqueline Laurita both quit and then got fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Now a reliable source, who works in production, says that while no one has signed on for season 5, Jacqueline is out.

Claire Szucs-Pavlinec photo

Claire Szucs-Pavlinec is rumored to replace Jackie. She was crowned Mrs. New Jersey in 2010 – who the hell knew there was a "Mrs." pageant?! Sad. She's a stay at home mother of her two kids and she reportedly isn't friends with any of the show's castmembers but we found a photo of her with Caroline Manzo.

Another rumored new housewife is Heather Robinson, wife of NBA veteran Clifford Robinson. Teresa's sister-in-law, Sheila Giudice is also rumored to be joining the cast.

I understand that being a reality star is lucrative and I'm not saying I wouldn't sign onto a show if I were pushing 50 and already had a close network of family and friends, but reality TV isn't the same anymore, ESPECIALLY "Housewives" shows. They're all about fighting. Is getting ghetto on TV week after week worth the paycheck that these fame whoresprobably spend out by the time each season ends anyway? You know all these b!tches are broke.

Claire Szucs-Pavlinec imageClaire Szucs-Pavlinec graduatesClaire Szucs-Pavlinec picture

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