Adam Lambert Wants to Be on Glee

Adam Lambert is a Gleek and he wants to bring his glitter to Fox’s over the top musical series. Adam says that Glee “really paints a picture of what it’s like to be an arts kid in high school. Glee is really irresistible — it’s charming.”

Adam Lambert hot photo

He tells The Hollywood Reporter that he would like to be on the show, playing himself .“I want to just be me,” he says. “Why do I have to be a fictional character?” Agreed!

“I think there were murmurs about it. Hopefully, maybe now that I have some new music, I could go on there.”

Lambert says that when Glee first came out he said “I don’t really like this show.” Ouch. Ryan Murphy may not cast him as a guest star now!

“But now I watch it… And you know what? I do think the show has an agenda, but I respect the agenda. I think it’s a very brave agenda to try to push.”

He continued: “[Glee is] definitely one of a kind and very revolutionary in that way.”

Adam would be so damn amazing as himself on Glee! This rumor is just too much to behold. Heh.

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