Jessica Simpson’s Baby Will Never Go Hungry

Jessica Simpson posted the photo below on her Twitter account yesterday. She was rooting for New England. Jess Tweeted: We were really sad the Niners aren’t here right now — Eric played for the Niners… But we’re going with the Patriots. And I’m a Cowboys fan, so I cannot root for the Giants!”

Jessica Simpson Twitter Boobs

It feels like Jessica has been pregnant for the past 1 and 1/2 years! She has the boobs to prove it. Is she a J-cup now? After the game, Jess Tweeted: “Stayed up past my bedtime. Now it’s time for my big girl panties and sleeping bra!!”

Those boobs are insane! I recommend sleeping in a bra, so I’m just going to assume that Jess does too (cause I’ve never heard of a sleeping bra). LMAO at Jessica telling her Twitter fans that her fiance “Eric played for the Niners.” She omitted the part about him being unemployed for the past few years.

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