Beyonce: Post-Pregnancy Body Revealed at Charity Concert

Beyonce and Jay-Z stepped out in public last night for the first time since bringing little Blue Ivy Carter into the world. Normally, a new mom would be praised for the record time in which she tightened up her post-pregnancy body, but in Bey’s case, these pics are sure to heighten suspicion that she used a surrogate.

Beyonce Post-Pregnancy Photo

Yes, it does seem unbelievable that the woman pictured here gave birth less than a month ago, but at the same time, if she really had something to hide, wouldn’t she have the sense to conceal her flat stomach and slim waist a bit longer?

Bey’s figure is surprising and, I would imagine, frustrating if you’re a new mom, but celebs possess strange powers. Never underestimate what a team of personal trainers and dieticians can accomplish. Is it fair? Hell no, but it also doesn’t mean she’s involved in a massive conspiracy.

(Photo: Fame)

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