Kate Upton: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editition Covergirl For 2012

Kate Upton is only 19, but her work with Victoria’s Secret has already made her a household name in the modeling world. Now, the flawless blonde can add another iconic gig to her resume: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covergirl.

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover

“This means so much for me personally. This has always been my dream,” Kate said in a statement. She added that the cover photo was one of the first shots taken on her Sydney, Australia photo shoot. Hard to imagine it would take very long to get a perfect picture of Kate.

Kate’s latest honor puts her in a league with top models and Leonardo DiCaprio exes Brooklyn Decker and Bar Refaeli, but she insists there’s no competition for the covergirl crown. “At Sports Illustrated everyone’s so nice. It’s like a family, you don’t really think too much into it. I just have a lot of fun and be myself. It just comes so naturally.” She says that now, but we’ll see how the other girls feel when Leo starts texting her.

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