Willow Smith: Green Hair Pictures

Willow Smith recently shaved her head and now she has dyed her hair green. Will Smith's 11 year-old mini-me shared these pictures of her new 'do on her Twitter. Willow also posted the following Tweet: Sometimes… Life sucks….This day has been horrific…#wishlifewaseasy

Willow Smith brat

Willow's Tweeps obviously did not like her message and Willow later responded with: I am regular person…. For forget that… Nobody has a PICTURE PERFECT life… I am still just a child…Omg, stop it already! I'm not allowed to have a bad day? This has nothing to do with my parents! Geez!

Someone should remind Willow that she lives a very privileged life and no one's going to sympathize with her. She's a boss and she's only 11 years old! She can save her head and dye her hair green and no one will tell her she looks bad. Life is not hard for you, Willow.

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