Justin Bieber: ‘Boyfriend’ Covers Revealed!

As if there wasn’t enough anticipation for the release of Justin Bieber‘s new single, the singer has launched a Twitter campaign designed to help him choose between a pair of cover photos.

Justin Bieber: 'Boyfriend' Cover #1Justin Bieber: 'Boyfriend' Cover #2

Fans can vote to help the Biebs decide between the two images shown above – an important decision given how shockingly different the two potential covers are. They may seem similar at first glance, but a closer look reveals that in the first, Justin is all, “Hey, girl. Can you help me fix my hair?” and in the other, he’s like, “Hey, girl. I’m not making eye contact, but I hope you’re looking at me.” It’s two totally different sides of Justin, you guys.

Seriously, though, why are we pretending an album cover even matters in 2012? Like any of Justin’s fans have ever set foot inside a record store.

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